BNDES & Latina

BNDES sold its interest on Latina SA to the remaining shareholders.

CASLANO has helped Latina on the negotiations and the valuation.

Angel Investment

CASLANO has helped Angel Investment on the deal.


Latina has restutured its debt structure.

CASLANO has helped Latina on the negotiations.

General Mills & Häagen-Dazs

General Mills acquired the Häagen-Dazs business franchise in Brazil.

CASLANO helped General Mills on the deal.

Ilumatic & Intral

Ilumatic SA was acquired by Intral.

CASLANO has helped INTRAL on valuing and negotiating the deal.

Pfizer & Teuto

Pfizer has acquired 40% of Laboratório Teuto with an option acquire the remaining.

CASLANO has helped the one of Teuto’s only shareholders on the deal.

Bertin & Grupo Dias

Bertin Group has acquired 55% of Curua Energia SA and Buruti Energia SA.

CASLANO has helped GRUPO DIAS on the deal.

Faac & Rossi

FAAC Spa has acquires 26% of Rossi Insdustrias Eletromecanicas SA.

OPS Plano de Saude

CASLANO has helped Hapvida on the valuation.